Monday, 22 April 2013

The inheritance of Indian civilization and culture is based on a particular concept of time and history with a specific metaphysical and religious vision. The ancient history of India is the history of myths which have through a noble oral tradition and which, prior to the introduction of writing, held the memory of immense periods of civilization and consciousness. Sacred history long remained the only history passed on, and oral transmission the only means held valid and sacred by the Brahmins for the perpetuation of the memories, above all the ‘knowledge’ of the Vedas.

Every year the Amarnath Yatra is organized in the month of June to August. The cave of Amarnath is situated in the state of Jammu-Kashmir the heaven on the Earth. The cave is considered most sacred by the Hindus. The devotees have to travel at an altitude of 3880 meters to reach the shrine (PINDI) of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is also called MAHADEV and the DESTROYER. The Shiva lingam was naturally formed in the cave, it is said that yatra is not completed if one cannot visit the cave for DARSHAN of the LINGAM.

According to the hindu mythology the day of shravan, Lord Shiva narrated the secrets of life to Goddess Parvati the daughter of HIMALAYAS at the place where the cave is situated. The story which Lord Shiva narrated Goddess Parvati was also heard by two pigeons and after hearing that they gained immorality that is the reason this place is called AMARNATH. If once this immoral place is visited from the pure heart then they will be compelled by the purity of the place to visit here again and again.

To reach Amarnath by Trek devotee first have to travel to pahalgam by surface and from there they have to trek for a stretch of 24 kilometers to reach the cave. The route to the cave is little tough, one has to pass through deep valleys and rough terrains so the devotees have to carry their food, water, medicines and emergency light along with them for their convenience. It is compulsory for the devotees to take a medical insurance before the start their yatra.

It is always advisable for the devotees to go in group or a tour package with a tour leader or guide who can help them to understand the place better. Going in a group will increase the morale of the devotees while trekking. Our tourism company IJ Dream Vacation organizes Amarnath yatra every year with the special rates and different packages.


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