Thursday, 13 June 2013

Holy Amarnath Yatra is surely one of the most sacred tourist pilgrimages in India. It commences from the month of May to August. The magnificent Amarnath Yatra is mainly created for the Hindus towards the Amarnath Cave and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The immensely holy pilgrimage shrine is positioned in Jammu Kashmir. Government of India opens the shrine during these months so that devotees pay visit to this holy shrine.

Amarnath History
According to the popular legend, Lord Shiva narrated the real meaning and significance of divinity, eternity and immortality to his consort Goddess Parvati in the holy shrine of Amarnath Cave. Before starting the story, he also stated that whosever will hear this complete story with full devotion will attain eternity and immortality. However, Goddess Parvati slept during the story reciting by Mahadev and pair of pigeon who were eavesdropping all, heard the whole story. It has been said that both the pigeons are still alive and if anybody gets their view by chance during the pilgrimage then it is considered as auspicious.

Baba Amarnath
Major Dates of Amarnath Yatra 2013
The holy cave of Amarnath is positioned in Jammu and Kashmir and dedicated to Lord Shiva also known as Amarnath. The annual pilgrimage of Hindus lasts for 45-50 days and located at an amazing height of 14,500 sq ft engulfed with some of the breathtaking views of phenomenal Himalayas valley which is a completely delightful experience for the visitors.

The Amarnath Yatra 2013 Date will commence on 28th June upto 21st August. Several devotees of Bhole Baba will visit the holy cave which shrines the Shiva Ling. This ice made ling is formed just for a few weeks every year. This sacred tour of Lord Amarnath is held every years and innumerable yatris from all across the world made visit to this holy shrine.

There are various modes of transportation available to access the holy pilgrimage. However, helicopter is regarded as the fastest and easiest way of commuting this holy shrine. Moreover, you would be able to enjoy the stunning beauty and glory of the snowy mountain peaks of Himalayas as well as natural surroundings by helicopter during your holy visit to the Amarnath Shrine.

Important Steps to Follow
As visiting the holy shrine of Amarnath Cave is an arduous task, the pilgrims need to follow some significant measures as well as rules and regulations while making entry into the holy cave.


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